About Mark

Mark is the fourth generation of the Norris family to farm the pastures of Somerset. His own agricultural contracting business began in 1995; after ten years of providing services to local farmers and landowners, during which he studied the finer points of top quality forage production, Mark Norris Haylage was established.

Production of haylage for the equine market began on his family farm near Frome, Somerset, following careful selection of specific grass varieties best suited to horses.

Diligent monitoring of the grasses ensures clean and healthy growth. This goes hand-in-hand with harvesting at optimum maturity to produce a highly palatable forage. Once baled, rigorous testing and analysis of each batch means adjustments can be made to maintain quality – this information is available upon request to ensure the nutritional requirements of your horses are met.

Attention to detail is paramount when producing a premium quality feed. This is testament to Mark’s reputation as being a reliable supplier of consistently top-quality haylage.

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